Weekend at Grandmas Bundle -- 5 Items: Fur Coat White, Purple Dress W/Rose, Nightgown & Blankets, Bunny Slippers, Black Glitter Flats, Furry Boots, Silver Purse, Sunglasses

When your child is visiting with Grandma they’ll want their doll to also look their best too. The White Fur Coat comes with matching Snow Boots that have an adorable little zipper on the side. The Purple and Rose Dress is great for dinner parties and the Silver Purse is the perfect accessory. When everyone is ready for bed the Nightgown and Blanket set are the perfect pieces. This bundle also comes with Black Glitter Flats, Black Sunglasses, a Hairbrush and Black Tights. This bundle has everything they need for those weekends with Grandma.
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