Meet Hailey!
"When I grow up, I want to be a veterinarian because of my love for animals.  I enjoy helping at my local animal shelter on the weekends.  My dream is to run my very own animal shelter one day to help and care for animals in need!  My favorite animal has to be a cat because they are so cute and fluffy!"  - Hailey
Hailey is an 18" doll with blue eyes and long, silky, blonde hair, perfect for brushing!  She comes with her own dress and pair of shoes.  Her eyes close when lying down, and open when upright.  She has poseable arms, legs, and head; and can sit and stand on her own.
Package includes:

  • Hailey-18" Blonde Doll
  • Photo-Real printed Purple Dress that reads "Follow Your Dreams they know where to take you #YOLO"
  • Light Blue Patent Shoes

Compatible with most 18" dolls and clothing including American Girl.


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